Summer can do a number on our hair and skin. Between pools, beaches, hot temps …. and humidity…. we need something to help soothe.

This intensely nourishing, moisturizing oil for extra dry skin and frizzy or damaged hair will leave you feeling softer and smoother

Our organic Argan Oilis pressed from wild argan nuts that are harvested from Argan trees and cracked by hand in the mountains of Morocco. These local Berber women have used it in their beauty rituals for centuries.

Unlike much of the commercial argan oil industry in Morocco, our trade supports rural agricultural communities rather than using large factories in the cities. This means that our trade with Targanine co-operatives allows women in rural villages to earn an income without having to leave their local communities.

They don’t call it liquid gold for nothing.


❤️ xoxo,

Jackie & Barb

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