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What is the difference: VIP Customer vs Consultant ?

I am super excited about how Urban Retreat has an option for my customers to get a discount without signing up to be a consultant! And even better – how cool is it that there is no fee to sign up as a VIP customer?! Let me show you a breakdown of how the VIP customer program works; compared to signing up as a consultant.

At Urban Retreat – if you aren’t interested in selling or promoting the products as a business … you can also sign up as a VIP preferred customer. But what makes our VIP program so unique is:
✅ No fee to sign up
✅ No auto-ship subscription
✅ Referral link to earn product credits
✅ Just a simple way for you to get 10% off one order every month!
However, if you want a little bit more – get started as a consultant:
✅ No fee to sign up
✅ No hidden fees
✅ No monthly or yearly sales quotas
✅ Get paid 20% back on all of your own orders + customer orders
✅ Earn $ on your team volume
✅ Earn free products
✅ Sell in 25 countries in North America & Europe
Sign Up as a consultant https://t.ly/enroll

So which one is more interesting to you?

Let me know how I can help and if you have any questions.



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