Why KetoCap Capsules?
Ketocap Capsules help you to achieve ketosis enabling your body to become more efficient at burning fat for energy.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, or simply BHB, is a natural molecule called a ketone body. It is one of the main molecules that provides your body with energy in the absence of glucose. A BHB salt is a supplement version of ketones that your body can readily use as energy to help get you into ketosis.

A ketogenic diet (or keto diet, for short) is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called Ketosis. When this happens, your body becomes efficient at burning fat for energy. Benefits of Ketosis
Accelerated fat burning: weight loss is boosted as your body targets its fat reserves.

Energy levels are stabilised: as your body becomes less dependant on food intake for energy.

When combined with a low carbohydrate diet Ketocap Capsules make it easier for you to reach ketosis. DIRECTIONS

Should be taken during the morning. 1 capsule should be swallowed whole with water. If the capsule is too large for you to swallow whole you can empty the contents into half a glass of water and drink immediately.

Any food that is high in carbs should be limited. Here is a list of foods that need to be avoided whilst on a ketogenic diet:

Sugary foods: Soda, fruit juice, smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy, etc.

Grains or starches: Wheat-based products, rice, pasta, cereal, etc.

Fruit: All fruit, except small portions of berries like strawberries.

Beans or legumes: Peas, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.

Root vegetables and tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, etc.

Some condiments or sauces: These often contain sugar and unhealthy fat.

Unhealthy fats: Limit your intake of processed vegetable oils, mayonnaise, etc.

Alcohol: Due to their carb content, many alcoholic beverages can throw you out of ketosis.

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