Pamper Me Please Face Mask Kit ($24 value)


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Treat someone special to some seriously relaxing self-care with our Pamper Me Please Face Mask Kit. This gift set loves every inch of their skin. But this gift set doesn’t just love their skin. It supports our Community Fair Trade partners who helped us make it. Our face masks are each made with an ingredient that helps support communities across the globe: organically-grown Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya that helps support small-scale farmers, Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico that helps support indigenous female farmers. And Community Fair Trade sesame seed oil from farmers in Nicaragua who protect their local environment by using sustainable, water-saving farming methods. The packaging is also FSC certified and can be widely recycled. Discover how else we?re supporting communities and fighting for a fairer and more beautiful world. Charcoal Facial Mask 15ml, British Rose Facial Mask 15ml, Ginseng & Rice Facial Mask 15ml, Headband.


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