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Flake Fighters Gentle Remedy…Don’t let an irritated scalp ruin your good hair days. Our Anti-Dandruff Lotion is armed with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory plants extracts, which work to relieve your scalp while clearing it of stubborn flakes and skin cell build-up. Our gentle (yet effective) formula soothes dryness and irritation and restores the scalp’s microflora balance without stripping or drying hair.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevents Stubborn Flakes
  • Clears Skin Cell Build-up
  • Calms & Soothes
  • Anti-Oxidant Fuelled
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Restorative & Hydrating.


  • STEP 1 Use daily on wet or dry hair. Apply by squirting a couple of pumps onto your fingers, rub fingers together to distribute the product, then massage into the scalp.
  • STEP 2 For best coverage create partings in your hair and apply directly onto the scalp until you’ve covered the whole area you would like to treat.
  • STEP 3 Do not rinse. Repeat as necessary until dandruff free.


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