Boost Nutrients to Your Follicles.
FolliVate Lotion strengthens and boosts hair growth, utilising a combination of plant active ingredients and peptides.

Thin, weak and slow-growing hair is often the result of the hair follicle lacking nutrients. This can be due to genetics, diet and even lifestyle.

Follivate Lotion is a scalp treatment with clinically proven ingredients to help fight hair loss, promote quicker, boosted hair growth, strengthen your hair and also make it grow denser. It’s a combination of plant active ingredients and peptides that work on multiple mechanisms to prevent hair loss, strengthen and boost hair growth. What Makes This Product Special?
Many scalp products available on the market are oil-based to help nourish your scalp and make it feel better but don’t necessarily treat it. Whereas FolliVate Lotion is a treatment.

FolliVate treats your scalp to prevent hair loss, boost hair growth and encourages your hair to grow thicker and stronger. It is a very light lotion and does not leave hair greasy, nor do you have to wash your hair more often when using it. Who Is It For?
FolliVate Lotion is for anyone who wants to make their hair grow! Whether you have damaged hair from over colouring, styling, wearing extensions etc, or perhaps you’re struggling with hair loss, perhaps you are starting to go a bit thinner or have bald patches and want it to grow healthier, stronger, denser, and quicker.

We recommend using FolliVate Lotion in conjunction with Follicle Food, and Capill-Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, for best results. Key Benefits:
Hair Growth: Stimulates follicles & delivers proven, hair growth boosting actives via topical scalp treatment application.

Increases Hair Density: Boasting the first generation of plant extracts & peptides proven to increase hair density in only 3 months.

Hair Loss Fighting: Inhibiting DHT, extending the hair cycle and prolonging the Anagen Phase.HOW TO USE

Use daily. Apply by squirting a couple of pumps onto your fingers, rub fingers together to distribute the product, then massage into scalp and follicles.

For best coverage create partings in your hair and apply directly onto the scalp until you’ve covered the whole area you would like to treat. Use more product if necessary.

We recommend applying treatment at night as you should avoid getting hair wet for at least 2 hours after application.

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All of our topical products are tested and approved by a certified dermatologist before they are released for sale.

Allergen Free

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