Rich & Creamy Avocado Essentials Gift


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Now dry skin can feel wonderful this Christmas with our Rich & Creamy Avocado Essentials Gift set.

Lather up with our Shower Cream and say hello to cleansed, smooth skin.

While you lather and cleanse, gently exfoliate with our Mini Ramie Bath Lily. It’s made with durable fibres that help scrub up and soften your skin with minimal environmental impact.

Next, it’s time to pamper that beautiful body with our light, fast-absorbing Body Yoghurt. Slather on a dollop and leave skin feeling soothed from dryness with 48hr moisture. Made with Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain, it even works on damp skin, so you can smooth it on straight after the bath or shower.

Finish with our Hand Balm. Just squeeze, smooth on and rub those hands together whenever palms and pinkies need a little hydration.

This is a gift they’ll love finding under the Christmas tree, or Avocado tree if they have one. Whatever works.

  • Avocado Shower Cream 8.4 US FL OZ
  • Avocado Body Yoghurt 6.75 US FL OZ
  • Avocado Hand Balm 1.0 US FL OZ
  • Mini Ramie Bath Lily


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