Cool Daisy Hydrating Body Mist


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When you’re feeling a bit hot and bothered, give your skin a few spritzes of our special edition Cool Daisy Hydrating Body Mist. It’s super refreshing and gives you an instant hit of hydration, leaving you feeling cool and smelling as fresh and floral as a field of daisies.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid, this lightweight mist is brilliant for dry, thirsty skin. Sinking in quickly without any stickiness, it leaves your skin feeling soothed from any dryness. And gives it a healthy-looking glow.

As for the smell, it’s one of our freshest, brightest and, well, coolest scents ever. It’s like wandering through a meadow of daisies, or a festival (but one of the chilled-out, daytime ones).

  • Hydrating body mist
  • Perfect for normal to dry skin
  • Feels instantly cool and refreshing
  • Cool and refreshing floral scent
  • Non-sticky and sinks in quickly
  • Enriched with daisy extract and hyaluronic acid


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