White Musk Deodorant


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Our White Musk Deodorant is your daily under-arm scent to help keep odours at bay and leave you feeling unstoppable. Like our other deodorants, it comes in a handy stick form, the ideal size to throw in your bag and take with you so you can feel confident all day long. With a sensual, floral scent, you?ll understand why our White Musk is such an icon in the fragrance world when your nose gets a load of this long-lasting scented deo?. Cruelty-free musk mingles with notes of notes of clean aldehydes and comforting jasmine. If you?ve built-up a sweat on the treadmill, use it post-shower. Maybe you need your wits about you to tackle something tricky – you?ll no doubt feel a more empowered, uplifted, brilliant you if you know that you?ve got help staying fresh, smelling good. Or simply keep it with you for those train, plane and on-the-go moments when you?re in need of a little extra help in that department. After all, isn?t it the pits when you?re caught out?


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