White Musk Perfume Oil 0.68 FL OZ


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Whether you’re wandering in the blossoming woodland, or taking a stroll past the florist, we all know that joyful floral scent. Our White Musk® Perfume Oil embodies just that. A fresh, floral fragrance that lasts all day long.

This enchanting White Musk® Perfume Oil comes packed in a pretty little bottle (because great things come in small packages) and is our most concentrated iconic White Musk® fragrance, loved by many for its scented symphony of pure, cruelty-free musk. It’s a subtle, sensual mix of rose, jasmine, amber and wood – not to mention the air of confidence it brings.

Perfume oils are also a great option if your skin is a little on the drier side because it works with your natural oils, not against them. It also lasts longer than traditional perfume mists so you can soak up this earthy, floral fragrance without topping up too often. And if you simply can’t get enough of The Body Shop’s White Musk® Perfume Oil, then we have an entire White Musk® range for you to explore.

  • Charming glass bottle of perfume oil
  • Features our most concentrated iconic White Musk® scent
  • Made with cruelty-free musk
  • Long-lasting, fresh and floral fragrance


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