UR Pure Happiness!
Two of our supplements; developed with UR health in mind.

Our Pure Superfood Blend bioactive supplement contains an extensive blend of nutritionally rich superfoods, vitamins and minerals to bring a scoop of LiFE to your day!

Our Soul supplement is your mood-supporting cordial. THIS BUNDLE INCLUDES: SOUL PURE SUPERFOOD BLEND DIRECTIONS


Take one 15ml shot daily. Follow with a sugar-free drink if required.

Keep refrigerated & use within 1 month of opening.


As a Superfood drink, add 1 LiFE Scoop (15g) to 250ml of your favourite milk.

This powder can also be added to your smoothies, shakes, breakfast cereal and baking.

Additional information


All of our topical products are tested and approved by a certified dermatologist before they are released for sale.

Allergen Free

Free from top allergens


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