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Urban Retreat by ActiLabs, FAQs and Review - Crazy Like a Daisy Boutique

Urban Retreat by ActiLabs, FAQs and Review

Turn Your Passion Into Profit with Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat by Acti Labs, is a direct sales channel that launched in the USA and Canada in January 2023. Excitingly, we are now in 25 countries! This truly is a global opportunity!

Let’s review and discuss the FAQs about the business opportunity.

About Urban Retreat by Acti Labs

Urban Retreat by Acti-Labs is a family run business born from humble beginnings. The brand was initially created as a small manufacturer of luxury products for exclusive spas across the world. Their French laboratories showcase a combination of scientific ingenuity and rigorous safety standards.

Particularly, Urban Retreat is known for the quality and quantity of botanical bioactives. UR only sources the best ‘for purpose’ ingredients. Proof of this is showcased in their clinically proven results carried out by independent doctors.

UR is committed to protecting our planet for the generations to come. In addition, UR is committed to providing healthy and effective beauty and wellbeing products. Their mantra is that they “use science to get the best from nature without harming nature or our customers in the process.” Accordingly, all products are certified cruelty-free. Plus, recycling contracts exist for everything that enters and leaves the facilities. And finally all of the packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable. Plus, they also have a product eco re-fill system.

About Our Crazy Daisy Team

We are a diverse community of entrepreneurs, who are passionate about sharing Urban Retreat products and business opportunity with others.

Subsequently, I’m here to support your personal goals:

  • whether you’re a spa fanatic looking to score all of your favorite spa products for less;
  • or you’re hoping to have fun sharing the business opportunity with a few of your besties from time to time and earn rewards,
  • or if you’re looking to build an empire on the ground floor.

Our team is one of the fastest-growing teams in North America and has even expanded to the UK and Europe. When you join our Tribe, you will have great support from Leaders with years of direct sales experience, social media know-how, and a genuine passion for the product line!

Now on to the Urban Retreat FAQs

As a matter of fact, I am a very cautious and thorough person. Therefore, I asked a million questions before I decided that Urban Retreat was the new opportunity that I was looking for! I have been with Urban Retreat since they launched in North America in January 2023. These are all the questions that I asked before I signed up, and additionally, they are also the questions that I have been asked by new consultants.

Q: Is it really FREE to sign up as a consultant? What is the catch?

A: Yup – totally, 100% free ! No tricks, no hidden fees, no subscriptions, and no requirements! Furthermore, as part of our Fast Start program, you can earn one of the starter kits for FREE!

Q: Do I need to buy other things to get my business started?

A: Well Yes and No.  If you truly want to be successful in selling and promoting the products -- then I strongly recommend that as soon as you sign up (for free) you should go in and place an order for yourself to try out several products.  I recommend checking out the solution sets or monthly discounted bundles.  You need to be a 'user' and 'lover' of the products and can't do that without trying the products.  Also, you may want to get a few things if you plan to do in-person spa parties or vendor events.

If you aren't interested in buying products then I would recommend getting started as a VIP customer instead - which will give you a personal referral link that you can share to earn free product credits.

Q: Are there monthly quotas? Minimum inventory requirements? Required auto-ship purchases?

A: No, no, and no! Correspondingly, Urban Retreat allows you to run your business how you see fit. There are no monthly, quarterly, or yearly sales quotas. You do not have to have an on-hand inventory. And there are no requirements to remain a consultant – once you sign up you are a consultant for as long as you choose to be. Lastly, we also do not have any auto-ship requirements.

Q: How much will my commission be?

A: You get paid a 20% commission on every sale you make, from the moment you sign up.

If you sell over $350 in any calendar month, you will get an extra 5% commission payment. This effectively bumps you up to 25% commissions on all personal sales you made that month.

If you sell over $700 in any calendar month, you will get an extra 10% instead. This bumps you up to 30% commission!

Furthermore, when you sell over $200 between the 1st and the 14th of any given month; you will receive a $20 UR-Spend Bonus! UR-Spend can be used to pay for products. And what’s more, you get a commission on the sales you make when you spend it too!

Earning team commission has never been more in your own control! Get paid up to 10% on your directs, with simple step by step goals that just keep on paying with team commission up to 6 generations deep!

Q: How do you get paid ?

A: Personal Sales commissions are paid weekly. Payments are made directly  into your PAYQUICKER account every Thursday. Any orders placed from Saturday to Friday midnight (CST) are paid their commissions the following Thursday.

Comparatively, pay based on your bonus sales levels, team bonus, and leadership bonus will be paid monthly. These payments are paid directly into your PAYQUICKER account on the 7th day after month-end.

Q: Do we get a wholesale price?

A: No. Unfortunately, many times if customers know that you pay wholesale price and then set your own prices, they will want a discount. Instead, all Urban Retreat consultants get paid commission on their own purchases.

Likewise, UR makes it super easy to encourage family or friends to sign up as a “VIP customer” so that they can get a 10% discount every month!

Q: What resources does Urban Retreat have for new consultants?

A: Amazingly, this “new” company has outstanding training. We have tons of resources – from team training (on team Facebook groups) to Corporate training (on the Corporate FB group). Furthermore, there is full support from the start-whether your goal is to be a product enthusiast or expert – we have you covered! Start learning right away with your personalized training bot! The link will be in your welcome email after you sign up.

In addition to all of the training is the Fast Start program. As a leader, I want you to be successful from the minute you start. This program is amazing and has specific goals for you to meet by day 30, 60, 90 and 120. Our Fast-Start plan not only guides you toward the best path for success but with four stages available, there’s also the possibility to gain a Free kit to cover every single part of the UR Range.

Q: What rewards and recognition does Urban Retreat offer?

A: Tons! Of course 😃

I host contests within my own personal team group. In addition, our upline group leader also hosts contests. The contests are fun and easy and are all aimed at taking steps to be successful in your business.

Furthermore, the corporate office has sales incentives and sponsoring incentives – including check matching bonuses, rank bonuses, car bonuses, lifetime achievement rewards and even Luxury Travel & Team Retreats.


Q: Do I have to pay for a website ?

A: No! One of my favorite things about how this is set up – is that all of your sales would be run through your free personal website set up by Urban Retreat — and the orders will ship directly to your customers. As a result, there is no need to order inventory to sell or process orders or ship/deliver !!! 🙂


Now, that was a lot of information – but I’m guessing that you are getting excited after learning how awesome this opportunity is! Do you have any more questions? I’d love to answer anything! Just send me a message on Facebook here , or send me an email

***Ready to sign up and get started? Just head here:

You can view the opportunity videos here.

You can join my opportunity group on Facebook here.


Thanks for reading!!

We use science to get the best from Nature without harming nature.

❤️ xoxo,

Jackie Barra

Welcome to our Crazy Daisy Tribe. 🌼 Stay tuned for updates in your inbox.
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