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Urban Retreat Compensation Plan ~ in graphical form

Urban Retreat Compensation Plan ~ in graphical form

Hi everyone, 

At any new job - it is very important to fully understand how you will be paid.  Urban Retreat by Acti Labs has a comprehensive compensation plan with multiple ways that you can earn both commission and rewards.  Whether you are a go-getter or a newbie -- there is a place for you here at Urban Retreat and on our team!

I made these graphics to break down and help you fully understand our Comp Plan at Urban Retreat. One of my favorite parts is that when you get to the stages of early leadership and above .... the requirements are simply on team sales volume (and not the number of people that you sponsored) ❤ which is unheard of in the direct sales & MLM industries !!!

Please reach out if you have questions - best way to reach me is via FB messenger or Email.

Urban Retreat Compensation Plan: Overview

UR Compensation Plan: Personal Sales

UR Compensation Plan: Free Incentives

Compensation Plan: Fast Start Program

UR Compensation Plan: Early Leadership Bonuses

UR Compensation Plan: Leadership Requirements and Payment Table

UR Compensation Plan: Upper Leadership

As you can see, we have quite a comprehensive plan and have multiple ways that we can earn both commission and rewards.

Which one is your favorite? 

Getting Started with Urban Retreat

If this is exciting to you and you want to learn more - then head over to my website to watch the videos and sign-up!  We have an amazing team and welcome you whether you are a seasoned leader or a newbie ❤️





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