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The Body Shop at Home, direct sales channel, opened for soft launch in the USA in June 2020 and in January 2022 fully launched on our brand new global platform.  As part of the global expansion – TBSAH has plans to expand into Canada and many other countries in the future. Be one of the first Consultants to join in North America.

About The Body Shop at Home™

The Body Shop was created in 1976 in England by Dame Anita Roddick, based on her revolutionary belief that business could be a force for good.In 1994, Anita created a fun and flexible earning opportunity for women and The Body Shop At Home™ began. Today, we have a successful global community of passionate, diverse individuals who turned their passion for beauty into profit with the backing and support of a globally recognized and ethical brand. Although we’re still brand new in North America, the direct sales channel has been going strong in the UK and in Australia for over 25 years.

About Our Crazy Daisy Team 

We are a diverse community of entrepreneurs, who are passionate about sharing The Body Shop products, social & environmental causes, and The Body Shop at Home business opportunity with others.

Whether you’re a Body Shop fanatic looking to score all of your favorite products for less, or you’re hoping to have fun sharing the business and opportunity with a few of your besties from time to time and earn rewards, or if you’re looking to build an empire on the ground floor, I’m here to support your goals.

Our team is one of the fastest growing teams in North America. When you join our Tribe, you will have great support from Leaders with years of direct sales experience, social media know-how, and a genuine passion for the product line!

Now on to the FAQs

I am a very cautious and thorough person.  And I asked a million questions before I decided that The Body Shop at Home was the opportunity that I was looking for!  I have been with The Body Shop at Home (TBSAH) since pre-launch in May 2020.  These are all the questions I asked before I signed up and also the questions that I have been asked as I have sponsored new consultants.

Q:  How soon can I earn back my kit fee ($49 or $79)?  How soon did you earn back yours?

A:  You can earn it back with your first party.  And moreover, you will get paid within two weeks.  I sold just over $500 at my online launch party and earned about $125 from that party alone. During my first month I moved up to the rank of Beauty Consultant and then Star Beauty Consultant (which earned me an additional team bonus).

Q:  Do I need to buy other things to get my business started?

A:  No.  You may want to get a few things if you are doing in person parties or vendor events, but the kit comes with everything you need to get started.  There are two kits and each comes with a sample of our best selling products, catalog(s) and a tote bag.  Both options are a great value, if you ask me ❤️

The kit is meant to be used by you personally; to make samples for your customers or to demo the products at events or online.

Q:  Are there monthly quotas?  Minimum inventory requirements?  Required auto-ship purchases?

A:  No.  The Body Shop at Home allows you to run your business how you see fit.  You do not have to have an on hand inventory (unless you want to for events).  While we do not have monthly sales requirements, if you want to be considered an active consultant – then, you need to sell $125 in a month.  To remain a consultant you must be “active” at least one month out of a 6 month period.   We do not have any auto-ship requirements.  You can choose what you want to order and when you order it.

Q:  How much will my commission be?

A:  The Body Shop at Home offers a competitive commission plan that starts at 20% as a Consultant.  As soon as you have $125 in sales (PV) – you hit Beauty Consultant and get bumped up to 25%.  You can continue up the ranks of the commission plan to earn a higher sales commission percentage up to 35%.  And your own purchases count towards your personal sales volume (PPV)!  Plus, you can earn bonus commission off of your team sales.

You can also earn more if you buy products on sale or host your own party and get the host rewards. People that do this, keep the items on hand as inventory to sell at full price during events.  Doing this can yield a commission of 50% or higher.  I am happy to help you more with this or explain it further if you would like.

Earnings disclosed are based on data from June 2020 to May 2021 and are provided by The Body Shop At Home. The percentages displayed in the bar charts below represent the number of Consultants at each level that earned commissions during the period. The consultant title benefits from a personal discount only. 83% of Consultants who joined TBSAH during this 12 month period did not earn compensation from TBSAH but received the benefit of personal discount.

Q:  How do you get paid ?

A:  Personal Sales commissions are paid weekly.  The payments are sent two weeks after the pay period closes.  All payments are sent via the PayPoint portal.  You can then transfer the funds to your bank account, to Paypal or to Venmo. 

Pay based on your bonus sales levels, team bonus, and leadership bonus will be paid monthly (mid-month).

Q:  Do we get a wholesale price?

A:  No.  Many times if customers know that you pay wholesale price and then set your own prices, they will want a discount.   Instead, all TBSAH consultants get a 20% discount upfront on all personal purchases ordered through the consultant dashboard!  This makes it super easy to encourage family or friends to sign up as a “casual consultant” simply to get their own 20% discount! 

For example: if I want to buy $100 in product for myself, I pay $80.  And I get 80 in points towards my personal volumes.

Q:  What resources does The Body Shop at Home have for new consultants?

A:  We have tons of resources – from team trainings (on my team Facebook groups) to Corporate trainings (on the Corporate FB group) and evening  additional online resources and training courses in our consultant dashboard.

Along with the training is the Business Enrichment Program (aka BEP).  This has specific goals for you to meet by day 14, 30, 60, and 90.  When you meet these goals, you will earn $350 in Free product credits.

Q:  What rewards and recognition does TBSAH offer?

A:  Tons!

I host contests within my own personal team group on FB.  In addition, our upline group leader also hosts contests.  The contests are fun and easy and are all aimed at taking steps to be successful in your business.

Furthermore, the corporate office has monthly sales incentives and sponsoring incentives.  Prizes have included free product, branded swag, meals and gifts, and all expense paid trips!

And lastly, we receive one time leadership advancement bonuses when we move up to leadership ranks. These are cash bonuses and are paid alongside your team bonus once a month.  

 Q:  Do I have to pay for a website ?

A:  No!  One of my favorite things about how this is set up – is that all of your sales would be run through your free personal website set up by TBSAH — and the orders will ship directly to your customers.  So there is no need to order inventory to sell or process orders or ship/deliver !!! 🙂

Now, that was a lot of information – but I’m guessing that you are getting excited after learning how awesome this opportunity is!  Do you have any more questions?  I’d love to answer anything!  Just send me a message on Facebook here , or send me an email crazylikeadaisyllc@gmail.com.  

***If you would like to be matched with a sponsor in your region… please fill out this google form. 

***If you would like to have me as your direct sponsor – you can sign up and get started here:  https://t.ly/enroll

You can view the opportunity brochure here.

You can join my opportunity group on Facebook here.

Thanks for reading!!

We exist to fight for a fairer and more beautiful world.

❤️ xoxo,

Jackie Barra

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