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Lip Sync Lipstick Palette


"Jackie has definitely made shopping online easy & fun! I love all of the Customized Graphic Tees. Plus, Jackie took time to chat 1-1 with me to help me figure out which Urban Retreat wellness products I should try first to lose weight."


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Every Makeup Artist's Essential!
An 18-colour professional palette with a range of primary colours, nudes, pinks and berry shades, designed to mix and blend to create endless lip looks and shades!

Our Lip Sync palette's creamy lip colours blend effortlessly allowing you to create custom shades! Don’t be shy, have fun… this palette provides endless possibilities to match any mood.

Encased within our fully recyclable, vegetable ink embossed palette, our Lip Sync palette ensures that your customised lip look can be as bright as the future of our planet!


  • You’re in control! Let your imagination go wild and create a personalised lip look for any occasion!
  • Suitable for all complexions, use our primary shades to brighten, warm or cool any combination of colours.
  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable! We’re helping the environment and looking great whilst doing it too!
  • Contains Vitamin E to rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate. Leaving your lips feeling soft, supple and smooth.


  1. Using a lip brush, use each shade as a single colour or blend to create your own, customised hue on a mixing palette or the back of your hand.
  2. White: Lightens any shade or can be used to highlight and achieve a fuller lip look.
  3. Black: Darkens to create a deeper, richer shade.
  4. Yellow: Brightens and gives a warmer tone. Blend with reds and pinks to create oranges and coral shades.
  5. Blue: Darkens and cools. Create plums, purples and deeper reds to release your inner vamp.
  6. Gold: A subtle shimmer that adds that extra sparkle to any look.

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