Proven by Independent Clinical Trials
A revolution in the nutraceutical health industry, Hydra-Slim Plus is your vegan, planet-loving & plant-powered cordial.

The Hydra-Slim Plus trials were conducted by an Independent Test Clinic, by Certified Doctors, under Strict EU approved Standards.

Subjects did not follow a calorie-controlled diet, they simply incorporated Hydra-Slim Plus with a well-balanced diet. Weight-Loss Results
Proven to Aid Weight Loss: 90% of the Trial subject’s noticed weight loss with Hydra-Slim Plus. Please refer to Clinical Trial for full details.
Proven to Reduce BMI: Reductions recorded between 0.1 and 0.9 points within 30 days.

Proven to Slim Waist, Thighs & Hips: 85% of test subjects noticed an overall refinement of their silhouette.

Well-being Results
85% of the Trial subject’s felt less bloated after taking Hydra-Slim Plus.

70% of the Trial subject’s felt reduced hunger whilst taking Hydra-Slim Plus.

70% of the Trial subject’s felt an energy boost whilst taking Hydra-Slim Plus.

80% of the Trial subject’s said they felt better within themselves whilst on Hydra-Slim Plus. Powered by Nature
Vegan Friendly: Plant-based formula.

15 Power Ingredients: Packed full of superfoods, Hydra-Slim Plus helps you get results & helps you feel good whilst doing it.

Vitamin & Mineral Rich: The ideal partner for your healthy diet, weight management program and/or active lifestyle.

Ethically Manufactured: Ethically sourced ingredients, certified cruelty-free. HOW TO USE

Dilute 10ml into 500ml of water then sip it gradually throughout the day.

Keep refrigerated & use within 1 month of opening.


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Always consult your doctor before combining with prescription medication.

Additional information


All of our topical products are tested and approved by a certified dermatologist before they are released for sale.

Allergen Free

Free from top allergens


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