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Weight loss in a bottle? Review of BODY: HydraSlim Plus by Urban Retreat - Crazy Like a Daisy Boutique

Weight loss in a bottle? Review of BODY: HydraSlim Plus by Urban Retreat

True facts

I have always been a big skeptic of wellness brands and products that promote weight loss. They always seem too good to be true. Plus, none have any science backing their claims… just some user reviews – which we all know are more than likely fake or exaggerated.

Body Hydra-slim Plus

However, this weight loss supplement from Urban Retreat is a different story. UR used the highest quality ingredients sourced from mother nature and proven by science!

A revolution in the nutraceutical health industry, Hydra-Slim Plus is a vegan, planet-loving & plant-powered cordial.

The Hydra-Slim Plus trials were conducted by an Independent Test Clinic, by Certified Doctors, under Strict EU approved Standards. Subjects did not follow a calorie-controlled diet, they simply incorporated Hydra-Slim Plus with a well-balanced diet. The trial results show remarkable progress towards weight loss. Talk about a game changer in the wellness industry!!








So let’s take a look at some of their claims – “Powered by Nature”

Vegan Friendly: Plant-based formula. This claim holds true and all ingredients are indeed powered by nature, and are vegan (as verified by an outside ingredient checker).

15 Power Ingredients: Packed full of superfoods. A superfood is defined as “a food (such as salmon, broccoli, or blueberries) that is rich in compounds (such as antioxidants, fiber, or fatty acids) considered beneficial to a person’s health,” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. This claim also holds true. Hydraslim contains prickly pear extract (known for treating diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hangovers. It’s also touted for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties). Another ingredient, kola seed, is known to promote the production of gastric acid, which increases digestive enzyme effectiveness in the stomach.

Vitamin & Mineral Rich: The ideal partner for your healthy diet, weight management program and/or active lifestyle.

Ethically Manufactured: Ethically sourced ingredients, certified cruelty-free. This claim holds true. Their ingredients appears to all be sourced from plants, algae or the sea. Plus the brand is PETA certified.


Directions for Use

This supplement is a liquid and needs to diluted in 500mL of water. The directions then say to sip throughout the day. Being that I am primarily a water drinker, this is a very easy thing for me to incorporate in to my daily routine. The taste is very mild and barley noticable, being that it is diluted.

OK – what does all this talk about “clinical results” mean?

Being that Urban Retreat is the only wellness brand with third-party, blind, doctor-tested clinical results – let’s take a look at what their clinical trials found:

  • Proven to Aid Weight Loss: 90% of the Trial subject’s noticed weight loss with Hydra-Slim Plus. Please refer to Clinical Trial for full details.
  • Proven to Reduce BMI: Reductions recorded between 0.1 and 0.9 points within 30 days.
  • Proven to Slim Waist, Thighs & Hips: 85% of test subjects noticed an overall refinement of their silhouette.

Plus check out these well-being results:

  • 85% of the Trial subject’s felt less bloated after taking Hydra-Slim Plus.
  • 70% of the Trial subject’s felt reduced hunger whilst taking Hydra-Slim Plus.
  • 70% of the Trial subject’s felt an energy boost whilst taking Hydra-Slim Plus.
  • 80% of the Trial subjects said they felt better within themselves whilst on Hydra-Slim Plus.
The clinical trial revealed that you should start seeing results after a month of regular use. The results may even begin to appear gradually after just a few days of regular use.

Personal Experience and Results

I started taking this supplement on January 26, 2023. It has only been 5 days since I started – so no true weight loss results yet. However, I can say that I have not felt bloated once since starting it and I definitely am far less hungry! I’ll make sure to keep you all updated as time passes. You can also follow me on FB to follow my journey and progress; plus get some additional product info, specials and fun!

Update 2/1/23 – After one week, I have lost 4 lbs ! I haven’t changed my diet or exercise. The biggest change has been a reduction in hunger. I frequently find that I am not hungry for breakfast when I first wake up. Also, snacking between meals has stopped due to not feeling hungry. Lastly, my portions at meal time – specifically dinner – have reduced. Overall, I am thrilled with the results so far and plan to continue taking this supplement daily. Stay tuned for future updates.

Update 2/4/23 – SIX POUNDS !!! Incredible…. literally I am in disbelief! 😳 The power of nature is the secret sauce 🌱 No I’m not hungry; no I’m not working out daily; YES I am feeling great; yes ‘clinically proven’ makes all the difference!

Let me know if you start taking this supplement and if you have any questions. I’d love to hear about your progress!
xoxo, Jackie
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